About Bilal Bilal

I was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA and have been passionate about the Arts and Fashion since the age of ten. After years of chasing my dream, I was offered the opportunity of attending a three- year course in fine tailoring with Master Tailors from Italy. This intensive course allowed me to gain invaluable knowledge and understanding of the multi-faceted Master Tailor techniques which consisted of sewing a suit together completely by hand to contouring/shaping (The Cut) for the perfect fit on the male and female body. This impactful experience was the catalyst to my successful career in Fashion.

In 1975, I graduated the from the Tracy - Warner- School of Fashion and Design. Upon completion, I began to teach fashion at my alma mater and received the honor of being ranked Top Teacher while being one the youngest instructors in the institution’s history. 

My desire to learn continued so I began studying the in-depth understanding of textiles by having the privilege to work with some of the top companies in fabric importing.

In 1988, I relocated to Los Angeles, CA to further my career when I received the tremendous opportunities to work with Guess Jeans, Baby Guess and Carol Little. I received the humbling admiration of my mentors, Paul and George Marciano for my contribution assisting them to establish their brand in the United States. While in L.A., I also took the opportunity to attend UCLA to take courses in Film and Television programming where I finished at the top of my class.

In 1999, I returned to my beloved hometown of Philadelphia to take care of my mother who became ill. While handling family business, I took the opportunity to open two fabric stores and clothing boutiques which I successfully operated for 10 years.

Currently, I reside in Atlanta, GA and decided to use my years of experience and talent to launch two innovative, new clothing lines. In the spirit of giving back, I also use my gifts and passion to tutor future fashion innovators with the goal of educating Urban America on how to move forward in the apparel business; a space where Americans once dominated.